Could Your Mattress Be The Source Of Your Pain?

Old, worn-out mattresses are notorious for leaving individuals tossing and turning all throughout the night. Individuals generally do not think much about their mattresses and might not even link them to their poor sleep quality. If the mattress does not pop a spring, the majority of individuals continue to use if well beyond its replacement date. This could negatively impact your sleep quality and your general well-being. The level of comfort you get from your new mattress will largely depend on factors such as sleep positions, medical issues, and personal preferences. To get remarkable deals and more details on a large selection of mattresses, feel free to visit

A good mattress can supply years of quality sleep; however, the exact amount of years is not known. Normally, manufacturers recommend replacing it every eight years; however, if it is properly cared for, it could last up to 10 years. Individuals who are 40 years old and over should replace their mattresses between 5 and 7 years to avoid the negative effects of worn-out mattresses on their sleep quality.

How to Determine Whether You Need a New Mattress

If the mattress you are sleeping on is over 15 years old, purchasing a new one should be seriously considered. When buying a new mattress, you should test a wide range of them while in the store’s showroom. You should also make sure the one you ultimately select comes with a decent return policy. An expensive mattress does not automatically indicate that you will be getting a high-quality mattress. As such, it is essential to select the one that is the most relaxing to you.

Hidden Menaces in Your -Mattress

People spend roughly one-third of their lives in a bed. As a result, tons of skin products and dead skin are accumulated over time. These things entice dust mites and research has indicated that an old mattress could host as many 10 million of these pests.

This reality is quite revolting; however, dust mites are invisible and the majority of people seemingly co-exist with them without suffering any adverse effects. It should be noted that individuals with allergy and respiratory problems could be negatively impacted by sleeping on excessively old mattresses. The critters could cause allergy symptoms such as coughing, sinus pressure, runny nose, itchiness, watery eyes, and sneezing.

For those plagued with respiratory diseases like asthma, it could get even worse. These individuals could go through tightening of the chest, difficulty breathing and problems with falling asleep. It is important to note that even recently-acquired mattresses will start to amass dust mites after only a few months. A few steps that can be taken to minimize the presence of dust mites are outlined below:

• Vacuum frequently with a HEPA filter device and this will rid carpeting and upholstered pieces of dust
• Bedding should be tightly-woven and allergen-proof
• Do not buy bedding that is hard to wash as they should be washed methodically and regularly; the ideal is once a week in very hot water


An old mattress will get saggier and more uncomfortable as it gets older. So rather than having a comfy, flat surface for sleeping, old mattresses have a tendency to create a bumpy surface or even a hole in the center of the bed. This makes sleep disruptions more prevalent.

Experts have pointed out that a sagging mattress can cause chronic back pain. This means you could be tossing, turning and experiencing general restlessness during the night. In the morning, you could also experience soreness. Over time, you could find it increasingly more challenging to fall asleep.

The Significance of Mattress Testing

Testing out the mattress will enable you to get a feel of whether or not it is right for you. Go to a store and make sure you test out the mattress for at least 20 minutes. Take along your pillow and lie on the mattress, replicating your sleep environment as closely as possible.

Sleeping for a full night, or better yet, several nights on a mattress will allow you to get an even better sense of how suitable it is for you. Luckily, there are mattress manufacturers offering sleep trial for as long as 90 days. During this time, you will be able to determine it is the one for you. If not, it can be returned at any point during the trial period.


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